Bruce Prichard Comments On Shane McMahon Training To Wrestle, More


During the latest edition of the “Something to Wrestle” podcast, Bruce Prichard commented on Shane McMahon training to become a wrestler, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Shane McMahon training to become a wrestler: “Shane McMahon training to get into the ring – you talk about intensity, he was intensity personified. Shane busted his ass every day, every night. If Shane had extra time, he would call my brother Tom and say, ‘Hey, can we get in the ring?’ Poor Tom, he got the shit beat out of him by Shane, but Shane put the work in. He busted his ass with any and everybody that would get in the ring and work with him……Shane wanted to be as good as he possibly could be so as not to embarrass himself, not to embarrass the family, and not to embarrass the company. So, he did everything that he could to get out there and learn. Vince wasn’t going to put him out there until he was confident and comfortable that he was able to hold his own.”

On Shane jumping off the Titantron in 2001: “The idea kind of came from…’re standing out there sometimes and people will oftentimes find me sitting in the arena by myself staring. You’re always looking for something you haven’t done yet and something that could be unique in the confines of where you are at the time. The tron is there every week, and it’s something that’s in your face. It almost becomes invisible at times……the idea is Shane is climbing up this thing, but the story is he gets up and where does he go? The only place to go is down. So, that’s where it came from and again, safety was number one. But it was still scary as hell. I wouldn’t do it, but it was something Shane was very comfortable with and wanted to do. In his head, I think Shane always wants to outdo himself.”

On Shane’s match with Kurt Angle at King of the Ring 2000: “Vince wasn’t happy. We had the glass panels, and we knew Shane was going to be going through one of them. However, what should have been the easiest bump of the evening, turned into the most horrific sequence of suplexes and shit……it was horrible. It was horrible to sit there and watch a friend of yours, and it’s even worse when their father is standing over you and wanting to kill you because your the closest person for him to vent on. I even went out at one point in there and told the referee behind the curtain in gorilla, I was like, ‘Get them back in the ring. Don’t let them do it again.’ They continued until Shane went through. It was scary, and not something I ever want to do again. Not a lot of fun.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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