Bruce Prichard Comments On The Guerrero vs. Mysterio For Custody Of Dominick Match


During the latest edition of his “Something to Wrestle” podcast, Bruce Prichard commented on the SummerSlam 2005 angle involving Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio for custody of Dominick, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how he sold Eddie, Rey, and their wives on doing the storyline: “I got the guys together first because again, you’ve got two very emotional and passionate performers in Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. Rey probably a little more level-headed than Eddie could be at times. But I had to sell them first to even take the next step. And then after you take the next step and you allow them, I had to pitch it to the wives. Now they’ve got to absorb that and let it sink in. Then they’ve gotta get with each other and make sure everybody is cool with it. Then after everybody thinks they’re cool with it, you have to throw all of that reality at them.”

On explaining the real-life aspect of it to the wives: “You have to explain to them – to Vickie and Angie – you guys aren’t in the business. You’re married to the business, and I get it. But it’s not your life. You’re not performers that everybody knows, and this is gonna be a real-life story, and we’re actually using the real-life child of Rey and Angie. It wasn’t a stunt kid we got at Rey Mysterio Kids-R-Us or anything like that. And that they needed to be comfortable with that and the reality of the kids at the school talking about his mom, his dad, and Eddie that they’ll be watching on TV because kids don’t understand. We were shooting shit right down the street from where Rey Mysterio lives with his son in a park. That was great shit. I’m just sad that I never got my Dominick on a Pole Match.”

On why he thinks the angle was one of the best ever: “One of the greatest storylines ever, and I’ll debate that to the end of time. Again, what is the fuck is there to sell? This is a story where Eddie had put his book out, and in the book, there’s a chapter about the timeframe when Eddie and Vickie had been separated. And Eddie had a child out of wedlock, and not one of his proudest moments, but Eddie described it in his book. And he never mentioned the name of the mother or anything beyond that. So there’s this gaping question in this really heartfelt book about Eddie Guerrero and I thought ‘Well shit, we should just answer that question.’ What if Eddie, being the loving generous guy that he is, gave some love to his best friend’s wife? And maybe Rey couldn’t get the job done. But Eddie not wanting to let his friend know that it was his and making his friend feel he was manly enough to get it done and just kind of snuck in, made an arrangement with the wife, and the wife had been lying to Rey all this time that it was his. And it was really Eddie’s and it was a lot and that Eddie was the father of Dominick and Eddie wanted to keep that secret until, by god, it just had to come out.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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