Bruce Prichard Criticized TNA iMPACT! Wresting In An Interview With ESPN Just Last Month


As many of you know by now, Bruce Prichard returned to TNA iMPACT! Wrestling at last week’s TV tapings. With that being said, Prichard was interviewed by ESPN just one month ago and had some choice words for the company, saying they had no idea what they wanted to do. You can read some highlights from the interview below:

On Dixie Carter “driving him nuts”: “I think you should pick who you want to be on the outside the ring, and if you want to let people in [to see the real person behind the scenes], then let them in — but you can’t let them in one hour and kick them out the next. [Former TNA owner] Dixie Carter would drive me nuts, because she would play a character on TV, and she would play a character on her Twitter account, but then on the same Twitter account in a span of minutes she would go back to being just regular Dixie. It’s confusing to whomever it is you are speaking to at the time.”


On TNA not knowing what they want to do: “No, they don’t. For the three years I was there, I asked TNA’s management one question: What business are we in? Are we in the television business? Are we in the wrestling business? Are we in the live promotion business? Tell me who your audience is and tell me who you are selling to. And they never could. You can be in all of those businesses, but you can’t be in one business one day and another business the next. It doesn’t work.”

On WWE no longer wanting heat that would make fans want to personally hurt a wrestler: “The WWE has become so homogenized that white heat would be bad for them. That would be a negative. However, I do think that good old-fashioned “I hate you” heat was good for the business of selling tickets. I think it’s an element that needs to be there, but I think now it’s gone so far the other way in that aspect that it may be not able to come back.”

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