Bruce Prichard Discusses How TNA Allowed Bobby Roode’s Contract To Terminate, Accounting Giving Out Checks Six Weeks Late, And More


On this week’s edition of Bruce Prichard’s Something to Wrestle With podcast, Prichard shared a number of details on his time in TNA. Previously mentioned was how TNA took money that was supposed to go to the IRS, getting Prichard in trouble with the government. But he also shed more light on what he saw in TNA.

Prichard said TNA allowed Roode’s contract expire. TNA had the chance to roll his contract for another year under Roode’s then deal. Prichard got an e-mail from Roode, talking about how his deal was going to expire in three days and that TNA management was not notifying him about his contract. Prichard said he had the roll over signed in the required time frame and completed with copies of the signatures, but according to Roode, he received nothing, which made him a free agent who could negotiate with any company.

Prichard looked into the issue. The person who was supposed to mail the contract told Prichard it got mailed out. He then wanted the copy of the bill to prove the contract was issued, yet the person in question was unable to provide that documentation, which meant the contract renewal was never sent to Roode.

Prichard stated: “The folks that were in charge of actually doing that felt that Bobby Roode wasn’t necessary and that if his contract expired then they wouldn’t be obligated to pay him what his contract called for and they could renegotiate at a lower rate. The problem with that is that Bobby Roode was worth every penny that he was being paid [and] probably more. The other thing about it was that we had him figured into our [creative] plans. We had long-term plans with Bobby.”

Afterwards, Prichard was able to negotiate with Roode, and in the end, TNA paid Roode more money to keep him from leaving. He also reported on the problems with TNA paying employees late, even up to six weeks. TNA’s accounting department would say the checks were sent, yet the wrestlers never received them. Prichard brought this up to Dixie Carter and said her response was, “Well, they got paid.”

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