Bruce Prichard Discusses Vince McMahon Not Understanding CM Punk’s “Straight Edge” Gimmick – More


On the most recent edition of Bruce Prichard’s “Something To Wrestle With” podcast, Prichard thoroughly discussed the WWE career of former WWE superstar, CM Punk. In this same edition of the show, Prichard revealed the time that Punk took a drink out of respect for WWE Hall Of Famer, Harley Race.

Here are a few more highlights from the podcast:

CM Punk Being Attacked By Randy Orton & Being Stripped Of His Title:

“Vince wanted to get Randy Orton over and felt this was the way to do it. Taking the belt off of Punk without having him lose it in the ring and being able to come back after the fact with Punk and Orton, after the fact that Orton was the one that took him out.”

How Being An Indie Star Hurt CM Punk In The WWE:

“Now you want to be wow’d by this guy and if you are not blown out of the water then your expectations are let down. With Punk in particular, not only was his hype ahead of him, but you also had Paul there shouting from the roof tops saying that this is the guy. Those who didn’t really care for Paul were on the other side almost rooting for Punk to fail. That philosophy always blew my mind because you have a guy you are investing in and here you are wanting him to fail; makes no sense, but there was some of that sentiment.”

Vince McMahon Not Understanding CM Punk’s “Straight Edge” Gimmick:

“He didn’t understand it, didn’t know what the hell it meant; didn’t get Punk’s look, didn’t get the Straight Edge deal, didn’t like all the tattoos, didn’t know what the hell Muay Thai was, he just didn’t get it. It was just a disconnect with Punk and how he relates with people at home? He is not every man. He is actually against the grain and doesn’t have a big bodybuilder body. Wonders what Muay Thai is, it was almost as if they picked apart the s**t. It’s almost as though, if you want to examine it, why wouldn’t you accentuate that the guy is drug and alcohol free? I could even go and again, this was my thought, but you position him as a heel against all that stuff because a lot of our audience were beer drinkers among other things. Let him be ‘holier than thou’ because that was how he came across, or you go the other way with it and make him ‘holier than thou’ and say who he is, but either way to me, the message was good on both sides. It was good for him being a heel and Straight Edge and him being a heel and being Straight Edge. They didn’t get it and again the more he was pushed and shoved down people’s throats the more he was coughed back up.”


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