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NewsBruce Prichard On Backstage Fight Between Dynamite Kid & Jacques Rougeau

Bruce Prichard On Backstage Fight Between Dynamite Kid & Jacques Rougeau



During a recent edition of his “Something To Wrestle” podcast, Bruce Prichard reflected on an infamous backstage incident from the 1980s involving Jacques Rougeau of The Fabulous Rougeaus and the late Dynamite Kid of The British Bulldogs.

Dynamite Kid attacked Jacques Rougeau backstage due to a prank that was probably executed by Curt Hennig. Rougeau later retaliated against Dynamite Kid, assaulting him with a fistful of coins.

The incident has been documented on Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Jacques Rougeau hitting Dynamite Kid: “I was on the phone at a payphone bank. As I was speaking and leaning against the wall, it was weird seeing Jacques and Raymond just hanging around and looking into the catering area while waiting near a wall. All of a sudden, Dynamite came out of catering, and Jacques was like, ‘Hey Dynamite.’ As soon as Dynamite turned, Jacques nailed him right in the mouth. I’m not sure if they were quarters or nickels, but there were coins all over the floor, and it was just so surreal — because it’s not something you’re expecting to see.”

On Raymond Rougeau playing lookout: “Dynamite’s just trying to get his hands up and block, and Jacques was just picking his shots, man. Dynamite had no defense at that point. Jacques beat him up pretty good, but Raymond was there to ensure nobody got involved. Raymond was like, ‘This is their fight. Let them fight.’”

Prichard on what he remembers of the incident: “I remember walking by [the catering area], and the amount of blood was scary. It was like a faucet — I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those things where somebody gets hit in the face and the blood just starts pouring out. That’s what it was like. There were also teeth on the ground.”

On people respecting Jacques for standing up to Dynamite Kid: “Look, I’m sure the Dynamite held bad feelings for Jacques Rougeau until the day he passed. I think most people felt Dynamite finally got what he deserved, because of the way he ribbed and treated people. Dynamite wasn’t a nice guy. He ribbed people unmercifully, in a mean way, and a lot of folks felt he was a bully. I’m not saying Jacques was the most-liked guy in the dressing room, but at the same time, people respected Jacques for standing up to the bully.”

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