Bruce Prichard Recalls Mick Foley’s First Meeting With Vince McMahon


Bruce Prichard discussed Mick Foley’s first meeting with Vince McMahon during a recent edition of Something to Wrestle.

Here is what he had to say: 

Bruce Prichard on Mick Foley’s first meeting with Vince McMahon and WWE’s decision to bring him in: “As we were looking for people to come in, Cactus was one of those guys that both JR and I liked an awful lot. And sometimes, how you push someone and insist that you’ve gotta hire this person for whatever reason – I think that can hamper someone sometimes in that you have a preconceived notion and preconceived idea based on whoever it is that is putting them in front of you. So, with Cactus, Vince saw the guy from WCW that did a lot of crazy things – things Vince thought were too dangerous, and then several years later, agreed to let him take that bump off the cell. Not the one through the cell, but the one off the cell onto the announce table……Cornette was also high on Cactus at the time too.

On trying to sell Vince on Foley’s character: “You have to look at how you sell someone, know your audience – Vince wasn’t into the gore, Vince wasn’t into some of those crazy bumps. Don’t sell that part – sell the part of the intelligence and psychology of Cactus and what he did and the human being behind that, Mick Foley. I didn’t know Mick personally. I had met him before and talked to him and I was a big fan of his work, but everyone I knew that did know Mick spoke very highly of Mick Foley and just what a wonderful human being that there was behind that character. So, you sell the human being and the rest will come. Also during this time, Jack was doing a character in ECW that he was anti-hardcore or he was hardcore – the stuff that I loved and that I was able to show Vince a different side of Cactus was he was riding the merry go round with his daughter chanting ‘I’m hardcore!’ and then riding around in the little train in the amusement park and sitting in a side headlock for 15 minutes in a match and chanting ‘I’m hardcore!’

“It was the antithesis of everything ECW stood for. So, it was brilliant on Paul’s part, it was brilliant on Mick’s part – that character and that build of Cactus Jack. When Vince saw that dimension, it was ‘Wait a minute, this is some entertaining stuff’ and the guy doesn’t have to yell and scream. He was doing his Cactus Jack ‘Bang bang’ and Terry Funk impersonation. He was being Mick Foley and telling us a story people could relate to. Getting Mick in, and I think JR and I were both confident that once Mick Foley got in a room with Vince McMahon and was able to sit down with him and they were able to have a conversation, that was all that we had to do. We just needed to get them in a room, and we finally did.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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