Bruce Prichard Recalls Working With Hulk Hogan & Dusty Rhodes In Late ’80s


On a recent episode of his “Something To Wrestle” podcast, Bruce Prichard recalled the 1989 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event. The former Brother Love spoke about working with Hulk Hogan, Ronny Garvin joining WWE, and Dusty Rhodes.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


Working with Hogan as Brother Love: “I’d have to say this was probably Hulk’s hottest time and when you think about — Hogan was the man. Hogan was like — being in the ring with Hulk Hogan is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire professional career. It was electricity. It was… you felt the arena shake. It was insane. Just the level of participation from the audience that loved him. Man, that music hit and the roar… it was like being at the beach and just that roar of Hulk coming out. And then, when he got in the ring with you, man, and he did that one look and the music came down and it was just, for me, I was, God, at this time, I was 25, 24, 25. It was amazing absolutely amazing, never felt anything like it, and it was the type of reaction that people only dream of. And here I am, in the ring with him and getting to experience it.”

Ronny Garvin joining WWE: “Ronnie and Pat Patterson go way back they’ve been friends from Montreal and I think Ronnie was just talking about making a move making a change. He was unhappy with Crockett, so he was looking to do something different.”

Being excited that Dusty Rhodes might join WWE at the time: “Not particularly. I think that, at the time, you know especially when you’re looking at the time only Dusty and Jim Crockett would know what reasons there were for Dusty to leave and or for Dusty to be asked to leave. I don’t know I heard Dusty’s side of the story. I heard the other side of the story. There are always to sides and different versions to things. So, Dusty wanted to go off and Dusty wanted to basically open up Florida Championship Wrestling again. So, he wanted to go back to Florida have his own promotion and be in Florida and do his own thing. More power to him. I think that at the same time Dusty realized that was a lot harder than it sounded especially in the day and age when the national companies were the strong hold in the major markets. The South and Florida included in that. So, it wasn’t that I didn’t want Dusty, but it was like ‘okay, who knows what this is actually really going to bring.’”

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