Bruce Prichard Reveals Vince McMahon’s Reaction to Eddie Guerrero’s Nasty Judgement Day 2004 Blade Job


WWE employee Bruce Prichard broke down the career of John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) in the latest episode of his podcast, “Something To Wrestle.” In the episode, one of the biggest topics of discussion was JBL’s feud with late WWE Hall Of Famer Eddie Guerrero. Check out some of the highlights below:

Guerrero’s nasty Judgement Day 2004 blade job: “It was just an accident. I don’t think that anybody thought it was going to be as bad as it was, including Eddie. S*** happens. And when you gotta go with it, he’s going to take it all the way through the match and not waver. The backstage afterwards was hairy because Eddie didn’t go into shock, but he was to the point we felt get him to the hospital to get stitches or staples or whatever it is he’s going to need vs. trying to do it here so they can give him fluids and give him everything else because he had lost so much blood.

“The medical personnel in the back, and we had them in the trainers room, they started putting IVs in him, and Eddie sat up and ripped everything out and pushed his way through everybody in the trainers room to go back to the locker room. And as he did that, it was one of those scenes that I could only imagine. You could picture yourself in a movie, and you could see Eddie Guerrero storming down the hallway backstage, and Michael Hayes and I are behind him, just walking behind him, pleading with him, ‘Please, Eddie. You gotta go.’ And Eddie went back into the dressing room, and he went and looked at himself in the mirror, went and sat down. I told him.

“I went and said, ‘Eddie. This is going to happen one of two ways. You can go to the hospital. You can get stitched up. You can get some fluids. They can do whatever. They can check you out, or you can not go to the hospital and you’re gonna pass out eventually. And then you’re gonna go to the hospital, and it’s gonna be much worse. So please let us get you taken care of.’ And he just looked up at me and says, ‘OK. Will you go with me?’ I said, ‘Of course I will Eddie.’

“And then later on, once he started getting all of his s*** together, he came together and goes, ‘Is it OK if Chavo goes instead?’ I said, ‘F*** yes.’ But it was bad, and he did to the hospital. He did get it stitched up, got some fluids. Eddie and I had adjoining rooms, so when he got back, I made sure he had his grilled chicken caesar salad and all that other s*** and got some food. And slept with the door open between the rooms, so if he needed anything, I was right there. It was a long f***ing night man. I tell you that.”

Vince McMahon’s reaction: “He hated it. He just hated it because it was just way too much. It took away from the match, and it put the sympathy in the wrong place if you know what I mean in Eddie bleeding. That’s not where we wanted the sympathy. It was just too much. It was overdone. It was just way overdone, and it wasn’t meant to be that way. It was just an accident that happens.”

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