Bruce Prichard Says Triple H Hated The “King” Gimmick He Had Following The 1997 King Of The Ring


Bruce Prichard, who is known for sharing his backstage news stories from the 90’s and early 2000’s in the WWE, has yet revealed another story. Prichard stated that following Triple H’s 1997 “King Of The Ring” tournament win, that it was a hassle to get Triple H to wear the crown, the cape & everything that came with the gimmick.

Here’s an excerpt from his “Something To Wrestle With” podcast:

“It was hilarious how many times and how many different scepters that we had for Triple H from the [King Of The Ring] that he destroyed. He hated wearing the crown, hated the scepter, hated the cape, so he would just tear them up any time they’d get him a new one; it was ‘hey man you’re the King Of The Ring, Vince wants you to wear the crown and the cape’-‘I don’t wanna wear it’ and ‘it’s hokey, I’m not gonna wear that f*****g s**t, it’s a f*****g plastic crown, it looks like s**t, I’m gonna f*****g destroy it every f*****g night”“.

“And so Vince said: ‘alright, get him a bunch of crowns and scepters’ so Vince was determined on the other side. I’m gonna keep feeding him a crown every night until he wears the damn thing and on the third one he finally — ‘f**k it, so yeah, it was probably three weeks worth of ‘Hunter you need to wear the crown, you need to go out and be the king.’ ‘I don’t wanna be the king, I don’t wanna wear the crown’, ‘you need to wear the crown’ — ‘I’m gonna f*****g bust it up, I’m gonna break it’ and somehow every match he would find some way to get the crown to either fall off his head and accidentally get stepped on or used as a weapon.”


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