Bruce Prichard Speaks On Fan’s Accusations Concerning With Owen Hart’s Death


As I’m sure everybody is aware, Owen Hart died in a tragic accident at the Over The Edge PPV in 1999. Former WWE manager/writer or better known as Brother Love addressed fans on his podcast “Something To Wrestle With”. Fans accused Prichard of being under some legal bind to the point where he could not speak on the Owen Hart accident. Prichard was accused by fans because he was there when Owen died and refuses to speak on it.

Here are the highlights:

“No absolutely not, it’s just something that I don’t choose to discuss. I don’t feel that its appropriate and it’s something I was there for, I lived it, and I don’t wanna relive it. It was a horrible, horrible experience.”

“And you know what? I will say this, f*** you to the people who ‘tell us about the worst moments of your life. I’ve shared some things, some very personal things on this show and it’s not easy and it’s difficult sometimes to share that stuff and I just…. it infuriates the hell out of me at times when we are public figures. We put ourselves in the public, we put ourselves out here. So I’m open to all your criticisms or whatever it is you wanna say about me or anything else. However, at the same time I am entitled to my feelings, and my private feelings, and my private thoughts. And if there’s something I don’t wanna share then hey, you know, at least give me the respect of…. I’m saying I don’t wanna share it so I’m not gonna share it.”

“It was a horrible, horrible, horrible experience that I lived and for those of you who have lost someone very near and dear to you imagine it taking place in front of your very eyes and then try and share that on a national stage.”

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