Bruce Prichard Tells The Story Of How Owen Hart Would Continuously Prank The Undertaker


On a recent edition of Bruce Prichard’s (Brother Love) “Something To Wrestle With” podcast, he & his host Conrad Thompson discussed an interesting story that involved Owen Hart & The Undertaker.

According to Prichard, The Undertaker was not a fan of the vegetable cucumbers at all. The late-great Paul Bearer even stated in an interview that The Undertaker was not fond of cucumbers because when he was younger, he had to eat them when he did not want to. Prichard stated that Hart would continuously tease the “Deadman” about his “fear” so to speak.

Prichard: “Owen put cucumbers in the bottom of the iced tea so that when Taker drank the tea and drank it back, he didn’t realize the cucumbers were in there until it was looking at his face.”

Prichard also recalled that he has heard rumors of Owen trying to place cucumbers in Undertaker’s wrestling boots and although he was not there in person, he has heard that rumor quite often.

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