Bruno Sammartino’s Nephew Interested in Wrestling?, No Way Jose Opens PWT Store, More


Recently released WWE Superstar No Way Jose has opened a store on You can check it out at this link.

Inside Edition recently posted a story on Bruno Sammartino’s life and wrestling career. You can check that out at this link.

Bruno Sammartino’s nephew, Zack, recently spoke with Fifth Quarter about possibly becoming a wrestler himself. You can check that out at this link. He said,

“I have really good genes all around. My dad and uncle were really big getting me started in lifting and teaching me the right way to go about stuff. I think my genes and my pedigree have definitely helped me get where I am today.”

Finger Tip Productions in Tampa, Florida recently applied for the “Pro Wrestling Has Talent” trademark. It is for “G & S: Entertainment services; television and online streaming entertainment, namely professional wrestling competitions, semi-pro wrestling competitions, and amateur wrestling competitions; live competitive wrestling entertainment; judged competitive wrestling entertainment; organizing, arranging, and conducting wrestling matches.”

You can check out this week’s MLW Fusion broadcast below:

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