Bryan Danielson Reveals How He Found Out Cody And Brandi Rhodes Left AEW


AEW star Bryan Danielson has said he felt relieved after learning of Cody and Brandi Rhodes’ AEW departure as he doesn’t spend much time online.

Cody and Brandi left AEW last week, reportedly after a falling out between Cody and Tony Khan over pay and booking control.

Speaking with Metro, Danielson said he had no idea the pair had left the company, and when he heard of something happening involving the Rhodes’, he feared the worst:

“You have to understand my relationship to this story breaking is a little bit different because I’m not on the internet very much. So I woke up, had no idea, I texted Tony Khan something about some idea I had or whatever. Completely oblivious. I’m driving to the airport and my wife [Brie Bella] texts me, and I usually don’t check it but it comes up on the thing and it said, ‘Did you hear about Cody and Brandi?’

“And the first thing that went through my head is, ‘Oh no, did something happen? Did they get in a crash? Did something bad happen to their daughter?’ I’m thinking, a worst-case scenario. I call her and I say, ‘What happened with Cody and Brandi?’ And she said, ‘They’re leaving AEW.’ And it was almost a relief.”

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