Bubba The Love Sponge Rants & Raves On Howard Stern


Credit: Mike Johnson and Pwinsider.com

Radio show host Bubba the Love Sponge appeared this morning on The Howard Stern show on Sirius/XM Radio. The conversation was also simulcast on Bubba’s radio show in Florida. I am currently listening to the interview. The appearance started with a song Bubba playing that ripped on Hogan for suing him.

Stern opened up by saying that Bubba used to tell him that Stern and Hogan were the only people he’d let sleep with his wife. Bubba said he always said that in jest because he knew Stern wouldn’t do it. He said it all started at his wedding when the preacher “fretted” over his then-wife Heather and they would make jokes and parodies about it. Stern said that she was a beautiful woman.

Stern said “man to man”, he couldn’t believe Bubba wanted to share his wife with another man. Bubba said, “You’re probably right about that.” Stern asked what went on with himself to allow that. He said that Bubba’s scene seemed “pretty dark.” Bubba said he’s more conservative than people would think and was in a “different spot” in his life at that point. He said that he couldn’t go into what “spot” he was in. He admitted he was insecure and depressed. Bubba said at the time, Hogan’s marriage was crumbling and he was depressed too. Bubba said, “None of it makes sense, Howard. None of it makes sense.”

Stern said that it wasn’t a secret and they were all in on it. Bubba agreed to that. Stern asked him what it was like knowing Hogan was sleeping with his wife and then walking out and saying, “OK man, see you later.” Bubba admitted some anger and jealousy. He said the situation was deep and “unexplainable.” Bubba said “It’s not right in any capacity and I’m not proud of it.”

Stern asked Bubba if he and Hogan ever discussed the situation. Bubba never really answered that but admitted it was both “weird and business as usual” when he would see Hogan afterward. Bubba said he didn’t want to go too deeply into that conversation.

Stern noted that in the song Bubba played, Hogan was called a “scumbag” for suing Bubba and his ex-wife. Bubba said the reason he’s so mad is because they were friends. He said that all parties knew everything.

Stern asked if Hogan knew about the tape. Bubba responded, “All parties knew about everything.”

Bubba said when he was going through child custody issues, his attorneys advised him to “camera up” his home so there could be no allegations that he did anything to his kid that he couldn’t disprove. Stern compared it to Richard Nixon, saying he made the “classic mistake” like Nixon, who “taped everything he did and that’s what did him in.” Bubba said that unlike Nixon, there are “no holes” in his tapes.

Bubba said Hogan lived with him for three months. He said that for 15 years, he’s been Hogan’s “insurance policy to cover his ass for everything” and that’s why he’s angry.

Bubba then made is personal, bringing up the Nick Hogan arrest and jail sentence. He said that when Nick Hogan did what he did and the “media was going insane” because a “marine is a vegetable for life.” He said that when Hogan spoke to Nick in jail, he didn’t say “we just have to get through this”, he blamed John Graziano for the accident and began playing clips from the jailhouse conversations.

Stern cut Bubba off and noted that he was “right there” through all of that with Hogan. Robin Quivers commented that Bubba “can’t change [his] mind now.” Bubba said he can change his mind when he took care of his friend when it wasn’t a popular stance. He said he looked like a dumb-ass for defending Hogan and taking it “soft” on him when his son acted like a “dumb-ass and didn’t learn his lesson”.

Bubba continued, noting that now “when we are in the trenches for something this bad”, they could have talked about it but instead he named Bubba in a $100 million lawsuit. He said “no one held a gun to [Hogan’s] head” and the real problem is who leaked the tape. He said that’s the problem.

Stern said that Hogan thinks Bubba leaked the tape. Bubba said that he didn’t and doesn’t know who did. He said that he wishes he could help Hogan and Hogan could help him. He was asked who has access to those tapes and said he didn’t know. Bubba said he’s never seen the tape. Stern asked where the tapes were held. He said that he wasn’t going to go into the particulars, because he was just served with a cease and desist from Hogan’s attorneys on the subject.

Bubba said it was amazing because when he was needed to bury Randy Savage and Hogan’s ex-wife Linda and anyone else who wronged Hogan, he used Bubba’s show as “his poison pen”, that was fine but now that there’s a situation about something that they’ve been through, Hogan instead files a $100 million lawsuit.

Bubba said that he and Hulk Hogan have spoken and spoke before Hogan appeared on Stern’s show last week. He said that his opinion is that since Hulk can’t “play the victim card to save his marriage” and to save “whatever he is trying to save”, Hogan has switched gears and all bets are all, “all friendships are off” and he’s “trying to cover his ass.” Bubba said he’s seen it happen before with Hogan, but he’s never been the brunt of it. Bubba said that he’s not a “flip-flopper” or a bad guy. He’s just not going to take it “anymore.”

Stern theorized that Hogan is upset because the tapes are his and he didn’t destroy them and is assuming Bubba is the one putting them out there. Bubba said that when none of that proves to be true, Hogan will have now ruined an incredible friendship. He said that Hogan was his best man and the Godfather of his son and now it’s all done.

Bubba said that the real victim in this is his ex-wife, even though they didn’t divorce amicably. Stern said she comes out looking bad. Bubba said that Hogan doesn’t care about her or him, just about himself. He said that he’s heard rumors there are other tapes of them but he doesn’t think that there are. He said whoever has the tape has probably cut it up and made it a “Best of Series.”

Stern read from a piece he said was on Philly.com which quoted a source claiming they had seen other videos with Hogan and Heather as well as tapes with “B and C List celebrities”. Stern said this was proof that she was getting hurt from the publicity. Bubba said that he didn’t know of any other situation.

Stern continued reading, noting that the story claimed Hogan was seen using the “n” word in a derogatory way on the tape as well. Bubba said that he hasn’t seen the tapes and wished he could “give a better testimony” as to what’s on the tapes to validate people’s opinions. He said he’s never seen the tapes of Hogan and his wife.

Stern asked Bubba if it was a situation where he was “getting off” on their tryst. Bubba said it was a situation where all three were up “to speed” on what was going on and his deal was “not getting off at all.” Stern asked him what he was getting out of the situation and Bubba immediately said, “Nothing! You know what I got? I got made out to look like a stupid-ass chump.” He asked Stern if he thought that if Bubba had anything to do with the tapes leaking, wouldn’t he edit himself out so he didn’t look stupid?

Stern asked him if he was on the tapes looking stupid. Bubba said he guesses he is because there are accounts that he’s on the tape saying that if they were wanted to retire, the footage of Hogan and Heather would be “their ticket to whatever.” He said that Hogan was in earshot of that and if they were going to release that, why would he let that out there. He said if he was going to rob a bank, he’s not going to call them and say he would be there in 20 minutes, he would just to the bank. He wouldn’t leak something like this and make himself look bad in the process.

Bubba said he’s never seen the video and the cameras all went to a master hard drive. Stern theorized someone got into his hard drive. Bubba said he didn’t know the logistics. Stern asked him if he thought Hogan leaked the tape. Bubba said he didn’t want to say anything about how it may have happened because there are attorneys sitting on every word “which is just idiotic”.

Stern said that Hogan claimed he was “so hurt” by the entire situation. Bubba said that he is as well, then pointed out that Hogan lied to Stern in April when he stated he had never had sex with Bubba’s ex-wife. Stern said that Hogan claimed he was trying to protect Heather and Bubba. Bubba said that if that was the case, he’s no longer trying to protect all three sides, just himself.

The remark about retiring was brought up again. Bubba said he was just being a smart ass. If he wanted to do that, he would have just sold the tape for a lot of money and edited himself out, so he didn’t look like a moron.

Stern noted that he wanted Hogan and Bubba to both come in and take lie detector tests together. Bubba said “no problem” and he would do it. He said that people are now in the “cover their ass mode” to protect their marriage but what’s important is who leaked the tape top The Dirty and Gawker.

Bubba said he would do anything for the guy but he’s not going to be pushed around legally when he’s done all Hogan’s “dirty work” for years. Robin asked why they haven’t hired a private detective. Bubba said he’s done a lot of things to find out what’s going on. He said he’s trying to protect himself and his family and Heather, but now one party is only out for themselves. He repeated that “no one put a gun to” Hogan’s head.

Stern said that may be true, but he didn’t expect his sex to be “all over the world.” Bubba responded, “Nor did I. Nor did I.” Bubba said he’s hurt that he believes Bubba was involved. He also said he believes that Hogan’s attorney David Houston just loves the PR limelight (noting he just repped Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis) and isn’t even licensed to be in Florida. Houston is just “churning Terry” and whipping things into a frenzy.

Bubba said that if Hogan had shut up and realized it was three people involved, they could have gotten to the bottom of it. Bubba said that he’s been keeping his mouth shut all this time and Hogan brought the story back to live. Bubba said he offered to open up his home and business to let them find anything they need to help track down the leak and then he’s hit with a lawsuit.

Stern theorized that no one believed Hogan’s claims and thought he and Bubba were in cahoots together. So, this is Hogan’s way of saying it’s for real. Bubba said it’s Hogan’s MO. He said in Minnesota in 1999, a woman claimed he sexually assaulted her in a hotel room and Hogan sued her. Bubba said, “it backfired and he ended up paying her millions of dollars.”

Stern said that if Hogan was all these things, why did Bubba want to befriend him in the first place. Bubba said he was warned by his friends that Hogan wants things one way. He said that he was always told that Hogan was about what they could do for him and they used to joke he was “one way.” Bubba said Hogan “is a friend and I put up with it.”

Stern said he’s going to reach out to Hogan and to Bubba. He said he believes if he can get them into the room together, Hogan would drop the lawsuit. Robin Quivers noted that Hogan’s lied so many times. Stern noted that everyone knew that Bubba taped everything in his home.

Gary noted that was a Radar Online report that Bubba regularly brought the sex tapes into the studio to show people. Bubba said he would take a lie detector test. Bubba said he’s never shown anyone the tapes and has never, even seen them himself. He again said that if he had, he would have deleted himself from it so he didn’t look like a dumbass. Stern said that Bubba would have shown him the tapes because Stern would have been “tickled pink.” Bubba again said he would have, but he would have edited himself off.

Bubba was asked again if there were any other tapes. He said there are not, but his speculation is that whoever has possession of the tapes has made various edits and clips. He said they may have taken the tape, as long as it could be, into different tapes. He said there are no other tapes because he doesn’t know any other celebrities beyond Hogan and Stern.

Bubba was asked again about letting Hogan sleep with his wife. He said that perhaps he can talk to Stern privately about it, but didn’t want to get into it on the air except to say he is “thoroughly embarrassed” by the situation. He said there were no other women that this happened with. They did the entire “did you want to sleep with Heather deal” as a joking thing. Stern said that he told Hogan he shouldn’t have done it, because a situation likes that always ends in misery and ruins friendships.

Bubba said that he even told Hogan that if Hogan needed to play the victim card, that Bubba would take the heat. Stern tried to get into the sexual life of Bubba and his ex-wife when the Hogan trysts were going on. Bubba said he couldn’t believe Stern was digging that deep. They were amazed Bubba was backing off, because that’s not what he would do as an interviewer. Bubba said that like Howard, there are things he can’t answer about his ex-wife. Howard theorized that it excited Bubba, and Bubba said he was wrong.

Robin said that Hogan claimed Heather was really into it and pushed it. Bubba said, “No. No one was any more over the top than anyone else. It was three consensual adults and everyone knew what the deal was.” Bubba said that it’s not fair that he and Heather are being thrown aside like this now that it’s a “whodunit.” He said that he told Hogan he would take the rap and let Hogan play “the victim card” but asked for Hogan to keep him up to speed and to “not blindside him” with anything and now there’s a $100 million lawsuit.

Bubba said he didn’t know about the lawsuit until it was announced publicly. He said he’s not scared because he didn’t do anything wrong. The $100 million number and hiring counsel doesn’t have any bearing on him, because he didn’t do anything wrong. Stern said that the bottom line is no one likes litigation or going to court.

Bubba was asked if this was effected his job and Stern joked that it made the radio show owners love him “20 times more” because they are like vampires and want to get everything they can and this gives them publicity.

Bubba said the lawsuit and the sex tape situation has had an effect on him personally. He has a child and he’s embarrassed because for a week and a half, he got to have the chump title a week. He said he was called a sellout and rat for “doing [the sex tape] to his friend” and all sorts of other names and allowed it, for Hogan so he can save his marriage and whatever else he’s trying to save, and then Hogan blindsided him with the lawsuit.

Stern asked if Bubba had any remorse for things he said about Hogan’s family yesterday on his radio show. Bubba immediately said, “No.” Bubba said, “All bets are off at this point, man. If you are going to put me into litigation and you’re going to do that to me. I have had your back for this many years in this town and delivered all your messages of hate. Buried Macho Man. Every time your wife was seen with her little 23-year old boyfriend, you’d call the show…”

Stern asked if there was any way to save the friendship. Bubba said that he texted Hogan yesterday and told him that all this will go away and they don’t have to be best friends, but they can still be cordial if he would take Bubba and Heather off the “dumb-ass lawsuit.” He said Hogan responded, “Sorry. It goes far deeper than that.”

Bubba said that it probably means there are other tapes that could make Hogan look bad. He said that he doesn’t know because he hasn’t seen any tapes. Stern said that Howard was told by Hogan that there was at least one other instance of Hulk sleeping with Heather. Bubba was asked about that and said, “I’m not familiar with that, no.” Bubba was asked if he thought Hogan was sleeping with Heather behind his back. Bubba said there is so much he doesn’t know obviously, given that he’s hearing so much and someone is calling Radar Online every two minutes.

Stern asked someone named Brent from Bubba’s cast what he thought of the situation. He said that Hogan needs to take responsibility for what happened and called Hogan a dirtbag. Bubba said that Hogan screwed Brent out of “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” He said that they found out about Post Cereal doing a commercial for their Flintstones cereal as a takeoff on Hogan using the name “Hulk Boulder.” They realized that was Hogan’s name when he wrestled in Memphis and took it to Hogan. Hogan promised to give Brent “ten points” of the lawsuit settlement (they played a clip of Hogan saying that) and then when it was settled, Hogan acted like he knew nothing about it.

Stern said that he believes this is the tip of the iceberg of what Bubba was up to sexually. Bubba said that he’d have to talk to Howard privately about the place he was in at the time. Stern said there was no place he could be in that he’d want his wife Beth making love to anyone else. Bubba said, “That’s how men should be. I am that way.” Bubba said he may have gotten caught up in a lot of things. He said he was trying to help out a friend “in a really stupid, overly friendly way.” He said if someone would have shut up, it would have gone away.

Bubba said that Hogan should shut up and focus on where Gawker got the tape and sue the hell out of them. “They are public enemy number one.” Bubba said Hogan should say he was a responsible guy and knew what was going on. Bubba said it’s a “he said-she said b**chfight” and Hogan isn’t the only victim. He said there’s a woman who is a mom. There’s himself, a public figure and a father and at the end of the day, it was three consenting adults and none are in a good place right now.

Stern asked Bubba if he ever had any conversations about what it was like for Heather in bed with Hogan. Bubba said no. The Stern crew was amazed by that and asked what he was doing when all this was going on. Bubba said he was probably online looking at car parts websites. Someone joked he was looking for a new Muffler. Stern asked how this could be going on and he didn’t ask. Bubba said that Stern was weird about certain things and Bubba “was” weird about stuff. Stern said this was beyond weird. He said he never saw the tape. Stern said knowing he was in the next room had to have been torture for Bubba.

Stern asked if he really loved Heather. Bubba said he did. He asked if this was something Bubba did to make Heather happy. Bubba responded, “I liked to make Heather happy.” Stern asked what his reaction was when Heather asked to sleep with Hogan. Bubba said it didn’t necessarily go down that way and he couldn’t go into particulars like that. Stern told him he had to and “what was one more lawsuit?” Bubba said he wouldn’t. Stern said he was going to bring Bubba in and pump him full of truth serum.

Stern asked Bubba if he would come in if Stern could get Hogan to come in. Robin said that Howard would never see Hogan again. Bubba said he would not be afraid of Howard, coming in or telling the truth. He said he’s just trying to stick up for Heather and himself because “we are not the only two bad guys in this situation” and they aren’t using the legal system to cover their asses like Hogan is. Bubba said that he isn’t afraid of anything.

Stern said that he was going to end the lawsuit. Robin joked he was also going to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. Stern said he could end this lawsuit first.

Bubba said that Hogan wants to send cease and desists so Bubba can’t even discuss the situation on his show, noting they just received one. Bubba said he hates this and it’s the worst time of his life right now. He said that had Hogan shut up after his Stern show appearance, all of this would have gone away. He realizes Hogan had to promote his wrestling PPV and he appreciates that. By going to the federal court house at 5 PM and calling for a press conference, he’s not letting it go away. Stern said that with all the rumors of the “n word being said” (Bubba responded, “But, he said it!”) and the tapes and he’s ashamed (Bubba said he was too), so the only way to get people to shake in their boots is to litigate. Bubba agreed but said, “You throw me to the wolves as well?”

Stern and Bubba talked about Bubba taping everything in his house and Bubba said it was well known and he talked about it all the time. Bubba said he’s been very vocal about everything. Stern said you always run the risk of things ending up out there but he knew he was being taped. Stern asked if Hogan ever asked Bubba to delete tapes. Bubba said, “We have not had that conversation because no one’s seen it.”

Stern asked if the taping equipment erased itself after a certain period of time. Bubba said he wasn’t going to go into his systems but said they have changed over the years. Stern said that six years ago, the hard drive could only store so much. Bubba said he doesn’t know and that validates his claims. He said he doesn’t have a company that services the equipment regularly. Stern said that perhaps someone else was in on it. Bubba said someone else had to be because it wasn’t one of them that leaked it.

Stern said they wanted to figure it out. He asked who could it be. Bubba said he doesn’t know and for all he knows Hogan leaked it. He said if he could see the tape, he might have a better idea of the who, what, where and how. He said there were three people involved and now two of them are being thrown out to dry.

Robin Quivers noted that Hogan tried to bring criminal charges and was told there were no grounds. Bubba said that’s why they are changing their gears. Bubba said that people don’t know if it’s a work or a shoot because Hogan has spent his life doing promotional stunts. Robin asked how Bubba keeps his child from being aware of all this. Stern joked his kid released the tape.

Bubba’s sister Tara was asked what she thought of her brother now. She said, “If only I could comment.” Bubba told her to say whatever she wanted. She said he’s equally embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed. She said that she didn’t know about the situation and she would have been totally disgusted. Bubba said he was disgusted. Stern said he was a freak. He said he’s sorry Bubba is in pain because he loves Hulk Hogan. Bubba said he’s been turned on but if he’s got to be a bear, he’s got to be a grizzly. He said he’s defended Hogan through it all and now he’s got to defend himself that he didn’t break man code or do something wrong.

Stern asked if the “Love Sponge name” was forever sullied (that cracked me up). Bubba said that it is.

Bubba said that he was given a cease and desist today. Stern said he can understand why Hogan is so upset and pissed. Bubba said he was too. Bubba said he never lied to Howard and Hogan did. He said his credibility is at question. He said that he’s always had Hogan’s back and it was up to Hogan to have his back too – but instead Bubba finds out on the news that his best friend is suing him.

Bubba said most of his rooms are not taped. The taping was going on because of the child custody issue.

Bubba was asked if Hogan used condoms. Bubba said that he didn’t know and hasn’t seen the tape.

Howard and Fred noted that they were the only ones who believes Hogan and Bubba were not complicit in the tape. It turned into Robin and Bubba ripping on each other because of comments Robin made when he got married.

Stern asked Bubba if he was going to be OK or have a breakdown. Bubba said he’s been on the verge a few times and went to see a psychologist. He said he’s never felt suicidal and to do so would be admitting he did something wrong. He said he wasn’t going to say anything until he filed a lawsuit against him. He offered to be the bad guy and even talk to Hogan’s wife, but when you blindside someone with a $100 million lawsuit after years of defending Hogan.

Robin said that defending himself now doesn’t mean he’s recanting things he said in the past. Bubba said he does because he’s not a politician and he was wrong and can flip flop.

Stern asked him if he would be willing to get part of the profits if the tape was sold and Bubba said no. Bubba said someone would have to talk to Heather. She’s the one who needs to be taken care of and she’s not a public figure and is a mom. He said Heather has moved on and is a great Mom. Bubba said he’s moved on and is with a great person and the reality is that no one has thought of what Heather is going through. Bubba said that Hogan is being selfish and guesses he is being selfish as well. He said that his attorneys have reached out to her attorneys. Bubba said they would never get back together romantically. Bubba responded asking if Howard would get back together with his ex-wife. Stern said he wasn’t trying to attack Bubba.

Stern said he purposely hadn’t called Bubba because he didn’t want Bubba to think he was prying. He just sent an email saying he hoped Bubba was OK. Bubba responded he just didn’t want to lose Stern’s friendship. He didn’t ask Stern to do anything when Hogan was on the show.

Stern joked his wife wanted to sleep with The Iron Sheik. Bubba said that as long as they didn’t tape it, they’d be OK.

They all joked about Bubba returning to Sirius/XM. Bubba then said that he wanted to see Stern and management for Sirius needed to get along. Stern joked that Bubba and Heather would be back together first.

The conversation floated away from the Hogan situation at that point. Before Bubba left, Stern said he was going to work on getting Hogan to drop the lawsuit. It ended with Stern asking Bubba that they get better cameras in his home. Bubba said if they were trying to tape to distribute, he’d have had a better camera set up with a three camera shoot and fluff girls.

Bubba said Howard knows Hogan is listening. Stern said he wanted Stern wanted to put the two of them, no lawyers, in a room. He said if Hogan could listen to what Bubba had to say and Stern could keep everyone calm and “translate”, it would be a hell of a thing.

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