Buff Bagwell Comments On His Recent Arrest


Former WCW star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell was arrested on May 22nd in Cobb County, Georgia where he faces numerous charges for a hit & run incident. Also, He faces several charges from the August 22 accident he was in as a warrant was issued after he never appeared in court.

Bagwell took to Facebook Live on Wednesday night to promote an upcoming appearance at the Big D Flea Market in Dalton, Georgia. He noted that at this appearance, he will give his side of the story. 

“I love going going live because live is just live,” Bagwell said, laughing. “You can’t do it no other way. I am Buff Bagwell, I am ‘The Stuff’ and the girls just can’t get enough! But Saturday, June 19th from 9am until 2pm you can come see me, Buff Bagwell, at Big D Flea Market at 3451 Cleveland Highway in Dalton, Georgia. The best part of this is, you will get to hear my side of the story that everybody’s been talking about.

“There’s only two people that know the truth and guess who those two people are? God and Buff Bagwell. Boone Promotions got very, very smart and are going to let me tell my side of the story. So, if you want to hear the truth about the incident on May 22, come to Big D Flea Market and I will be there from 9am until 2pm, telling the absolute truth and anybody that knows Buff Bagwell knows I tell the absolute truth, whether it’s good or bad, and I’m telling you, I will be doing that. So if you want information on this, you need to get to it…”

“We’re live, the phone just rang, and we’re live… but listen to me, you can call 423-504-6461, and get your tickets while they last,” Buff said. “I’m telling you, brother, this is going to be hot, it’s cool, and I want you to know, honest to God, this has been the biggest deal that has happened to me in a long, long time, and I want to thank every person that has prayed for me, cared for me, and actually gave a crap about me. Not the ones, not the haters, the ones that have really, really cared about Buff Bagwell. I want to say thank you very much. So, come out, talk to me, get to meet me, one-on-one, and then make your judgement on what you feel.

“You know, like we did a minute ago with that live, my phone ain’t rang in 5 hours, then it rang. That’s the way my life is, and that’s OK, but come out and check it out, come meet me. Listen to this, without the fans there’s absolutely no Buff, and there’s absolutely on wrestling, because the fans make everything happen. Without you guys there is no Buff, there is no wrestling. So, thank you guys so much, I really appreciate it, and just come out, and I promise you, you will see and hear everything you want to hear. So, once again, it’s on June 19th in Dalton, Georgia, baby. So, come out and get ready to have some real fun. Boom!”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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