​Buff Bagwell Update + RAW & SD On The WWE Network News


— Former WWE and WCW wrestler
Buff Bagwell recently stopped by the Animal House to talk about his time as a
pro wrestler, being a gigolo and more. You can check out the audio interview
online at CBSLocal.com.

— As noted earlier, WWE will
now be releasing new episodes of RAW and SmackDown on 30-day delays on the WWE
Network. This likely has to do with their new contract with

As far as Rey Mysterio’s contractual
status with WWE is concerned, his deal reportedly expired last week. From there,
Vince McMahon renewed it for one year, despite not having such an option to do
so in the contract. WWE contracts are allowed to be frozen in the event of an
injury to a Superstar.

As we noted earlier, WWE went with the mindset that
since Mysterio missed so much time during his contract period due to various
injuries, that he owed them the time and he was renewed through May of 2015 on
that basis.

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