Buff Bagwell’s Twitter Goes Silent After Wild Day On Social Media


Buff Bagwell was trending on Twitter today after fans learned that he was not running his official account.

Many fans noted that Bagwell seemed to be turning things around in terms of fan perception when he decided to become more active on social media recently. Many suspected that someone else might have been tweeting from Bagwell’s account and unfortunately, it turned out that Bagwell’s manager “Michael Long” was the one tweeting.

Many of Bagwell’s recent tweets were pro-LGBTQ+, pro-abortion, and in favor of other progressive topics. His account was also live-tweeting and giving popular opinions on current wrestlers.

Things broke down this week when fans accused Buff of not shipping out merchandise that was previously paid for. The account then claimed that they had trusted the wrong person to handle merchandise. He wrote, “I made the mistake of trusting the wrong person to do my merchandise. I take 100% of the blame for that. I have not seen a dime for anything ordered, and was told by Michael that refunds would be going out. I haven’t spoken to him since Thursday night, I thought it was taken care of.”

Many fans on Twitter noted that they have been blocked by Long’s account, which has since gone private.

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