Bull Dempsey Speaks On NXT, The Brand Extension


Today The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomes former WWE/NXT standout superstar the former Bull Dempsey aka Bull James. Since parting way with WWE this past February, Bull James has become one of the hardest working performers on the Indy scene working all over the world and showcasing his talents in front of thousands of fans that have come to recognize the true gem this throwback brawler is in the ring. Additionally, as one of WWE NXT’s first real standout characters, Bull cemented his role in the developmental system as being “The Last of a Dying Breed” and by steamrolling over the competition in the process.

Is there a former NXT star on the main roster who will benefit from the brand split:

(Tyler) Breeze is a guy who is probably the most under-utilized talent on that roster, if not one of them. He is that good. I have had some of my favorite matches with him and I think that he is incredible and I’m sure that with this brand split he is going to get some more opportunities and I already know he is going to take full advantage of it.

Was Triple H someone Bull could go to while he was in NXT:

“I’ve had a lot of different bosses and a lot of different jobs and I can easily say that he (Triple H) is the best boss I ever had. If he had a million things to do he didn’t mind one million one. If you asked him for one minute, he’d give you five. It is his baby and he is putting his heart and soul into it and why wouldn’t he be all hands on deck.”

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