Bully Ray Explains Why AEW Has Been Successful


WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray took to “Busted Open” to offer a ton of praise to The Elite and their work in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Ray emphasized how “cool” the new promotion is, going as far as comparing it to Facebook. Here are the highlights:

How “cool” AEW is and will be: “The guys are doing something different. They’re doing something cool. They’re doing something special,” Bully said. “I’m gonna put a lot of emphasis on the word, ‘cool.’ Cody, The Bucks, [Chris] Jericho], and Kenny [Omega]—everybody there associated there has a coolness factor attached to them.

“I always said that ECW was the ‘Napster’ of pro wrestling business. I believe that AEW is the ‘Facebook’ of the pro wrestling business, right now.”

Comparison to Facebook: “When Facebook first was invented, one of the guys within Facebook wanted to do advertising on Facebook,” Bully said. “And they decided not to because—they don’t even know what they had with Facebook, yet, they just knew have something cool.

“I don’t know if AEW even knows what they have yet. It’s just cool. You can tell how cool it is by how quickly All In sold out. You can tell how cool it is by how great of an event All In was. You can tell how cool it is when people show up to a ticket release party. You can tell how cool it is when they sell out 14,000 seats in four minutes. To me, that’s cool.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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