Bully Ray Kept A Major Secret At House Of Hardcore


Source: Pwinsider

— Bully Ray made a surprise appearance, attacking Dreamer and Terry Funk. This led to several wrestlers trying to save, including Spike Dudley and The Sandman. Devon came out and helped Bully fight off the ECW veterans. The angle was done to promote the TNA PPV taping on December 30. Since HOH’s school is at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, it was a chance to help the company’s home venue and raise awareness with TNA mentioning them. It was also done as a way to create an unpredictable atmosphere for events, which would help to bring in more fans.

— Bully Ray was brought in secretly so there was no chance of fans seeing him. It’s unknown if he will work another House of Hardcore show later on. The angle was also done so everyone could work with Terry Funk again, as this was his last scheduled booking as a wrestler for right now, possibly ever if he sticks to his retirement plans this time. Dreamer believed it would be the last time they could wrestle as a team. He said that be got “caught up in the moment” as Funk came to the ring, knowing it was the end of something that started in 1995 for him.

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