Bully Ray

Bully Ray Offers Theory As To Why Daniel Bryan Is Facing AJ Styles At WWE Crown Jewel


WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray offered his thoughts on the upcoming Crown Jewel event on the WWE Network. Here are the highlights:

The Saudi Prince probably influencing the Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles WWE Title match: “Remember when Rusev was supposed to wrestle The Undertaker [at Greatest Royal Rumble] and then Rusev got taken out of the match? Then it was going to be Jericho vs. Undertaker, and then Rusev was back in the match. You know why that happened? Because the Prince wanted Rusev in the match,” Bully Ray said on Busted Open Radio.

“He was adamant, he was a Rusev fan. He said, ‘no I want Rusev vs. Undertaker.’ So, maybe he wants AJ vs. Daniel Bryan. When you’re dealing with a bought show in wrestling, you’re purchasing the show.”

Vince accommodating the match due to the ridiculous amount of money they’re making for it: “Hypothetically, [the Prince] said ‘This is the match I want’ and Vince is going to accommodate him because it’s an ungodly amount of money,” stated Bully Ray. “So you give them the show that they want to see, you wrap it around a network special and you turn it into something. And that’s what it really is.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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