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Bully Ray On The TNT Championship Changing Hands Frequently



On the latest episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast, Bully Ray (the former Bubba Ray Dudley) shared his two cents on the TNT Championship changing hands frequently over the past few months.

The WWE & TNA Hall of Famer noted how a title changing hands frequently can make for must-see television, if done properly. He also lavished praise on the new TNT Champion, Samoa Joe.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the TNT Championship being hot-potatoed in AEW: “I like when one championship constantly gets flip-flopped and if you’re going to flip-flop a championship, the Television Title is the one to do it with. You always have that aspect of, ‘anything can happen in any show, any city.’ People love when they get a title change… So, yeah, flip-flopping that belt, I’d like to see it often. I don’t think it hurts anybody, especially if you have to defend that championship every week.”

On why it makes for must-see television: “If Wardlow is able to take one of those championships off of Joe, and then here comes another guy to challenge Wardlow, like Hobbs. And that TV Championship is just being Hot-Potatoed every single week. S*** I gotta tune in just see what happens with the AEW TV Championship or the Ring of Honor TV Championship.”

On Samoa Joe’s King of Television gimmick: “And since he has two Television Titles, the AEW and the Ring of Honor, it gives them the option where he can drop it at anytime and get them back at anytime and every time he gets it back, he claims himself to be the King of TV. I love that ‘King of TV’ moniker.”

On why he likes this version of Samoa Joe: “But I like Joe being the champion, extremely credible champion. A lot of people on social media were like seeing the rebirth of Samoa Joe. I think Joe had just been put in situations in the past and I’m not just talking about AEW, I’m talking about WWE where he wasn’t able to be the version of Samoa Joe that we all know and love and that he can sink his teeth into. This is the Joe we know.”

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