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Bully Ray Says He’d Be Interested In Facing Tessa Blanchard, Defends Intergender Wrestling


During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Bully Ray commented on wanting to face Tessa Blanchard, supporting intergender wrestling, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On being interested in a match with Tessa Blanchard: “Bubba vs. Tessa? Now my ears just perked up. Now you got me listening, because Tessa’s a really, really great women’s wrestler, right? Great wrestler, absolutely. I think if I were to jump the guardrails and stick her with a powerbomb into the concrete, that would be interesting.”

On so many people being against intergender wrestling: “When did the wrestling world go so soft? What do you mean you don’t like intergender wrestling? Turn on the Attitude Era. You won’t entertained by Rock & Trish vs. The Dudleyz? You won’t entertained by Jazz, and Molly Holly, and all of those women having matches against the guys? When did we get so soft?”

On intergender physicality being used in WWE during the Attitude Era: “How can you have an issue with one on one physicality but not a man putting an 80 year old woman through two tables off a 15 foot stage? Or the Godfather powerbombing Victoria halfway to hell? Why is that so different than an intergender match these days? Listen, I’m not talking about punching a woman square in the face, I’m talking about having a wrestling match, an intergender match, a hardcore, whatever match. Sports entertainment. And if the woman could be on the same level as the man at that particular moment in time, and if the match is done correctly, why can’t you do it?”

On what the problem is today with intergender wrestling: “The problem with intergender wrestling right now is you have a lot of guys taking offense from women that just doesn’t make sense, because it couldn’t happen, it’s beyond the realm of believability, but if you booked your match believably, sure, a woman could do some stuff to men, absolutely. You just gotta make it believable.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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