C.W. Anderson: ‘I Learned A Lot From Arn Anderson’


C.W. Anderson recently spoke about working with Arn Anderson during his time with WWE. Anderson told MLW Radio, the official podcast of Major League Wrestling, thar he had a lot of respect for Anderson and learned a lot from him.

“When I was at WWE, Arn kind of took me under his wing as far as working with me in the ring and looking out for me as best he could,” he said. “I have nothing but good things to say about that man. For an hour and a half to two hours, he worked with me, literally beating up Kid Kash. Showing me intense things he used to do as far being an Anderson, being more vicious, being that clever heel. And guys would get in the ring to try to work out, guys that had been there forever and he would tell them to get the hell out, I’m working with CW.”

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