Cain Velasquez Reveals Dana White’s Reaction to UFC Retirement, WWE Signing


Following this week’s WWE Crown Jewel press conference featuring Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar, Velasquez spoke to media to discuss his signing with WWE.

Here are the highlights:

UFC president Dana White’s reaction to Velasquez signing with WWE:

We ended up talking on the phone. He just supported me 100 percent. It was just a good, respectful talk that we had. He thanked me for everything that I did. I thanked him and the company for everything that they did. He just gave me his full blessing. He said, ‘This is awesome, what you’re doing. Go ahead, you have my full consent to go ahead and do what you want to do.’

Daniel Cormier, a lifelong WWE fan, and his reaction:

We’ve talked here and there. He loves what I’m doing. … But, yeah, we’ve been keeping in touch. It’s just kind of crazy this road that I’ve gone into. It’s been such a short amount of time, but I’ve had a goal in mind of what I want to do in this sport… ‘DC’ loves it. He’s a big fan. That wouldn’t surprise me (to see us tag team).

Being done with MMA:

As of right now, the chapter is closed on my MMA career. I’m focusing on the task at hand with the WWE. I love this sport. I’ve rebirthed myself into reliving it and loving it again. I’m all in on doing this. I’m diving deep into doing this, and this is what I’m doing for right now.

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H/T LowKickMMA for the transcriptions

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