Cameron Claims She Isn’t Done with Wrestling


Former WWE star Ariane Andrew (better known as Cameron) was recently interviewed by Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Cameron revealed what it was like backstage in WWE, who she still stays in contact with from the company, and not yet being done with professional wrestling. Here are the highlights:

What it was like backstage in WWE: “It takes a village and you need other people. I think people forget that….teamwork makes the dream work. That’s just me. I’m a giving person….the girls in WWE get so offended or so like, ‘Oh, a new girl’s coming up.’ Who gives a f*ck? One day you are gonna get fired. Yes, OK. Pass the damn torch.


“You had your damn moment. Just because you went through some sh*t, doesn’t mean that you need to treat someone else like that. If anything, be like, ‘Let me put you under my wing, so you don’t have to deal what I dealt with.’ Again, there are very few people who are like that, but that’s just me.

“I feel like, if you’re a good person you help others. You’re gonna get whatever is meant for you to have. Whatever is not meant for you to have, you just won’t have it. It’s not meant for you.”

Who she still stays in contact with in WWE: “The only person I really do talk to there is Trin [Naomi], but again that’s my girl, so it’s easier to keep in touch with her.”

Not being done with wrestling:

“I’m not done. I’m still not done. I still have a mark that I need to make with wrestling. I was cut short and I know I have the personality. I definitely need to brush up on the wrestling skills. I look at the women now in the WWE, who are f*cking killing it like Becky [Lynch], and Charlotte [Flair], and all these girls who are doing the damn thing and I’m not going to ever be doing some crazy stuff like that, but I want to be able to hang. I want to be a force to reckoned with.”

H/T WrestleZone for the transcriptions

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