How You Can Meet Sheamus Prior To RAW, Listen To Eric Bischoff Discuss Rick Rude’s Time In WCW


WWE Superstar Sheamus will be appearing at the Cricket Wireless store in Madison Heights, Michigan on 48 E 14 Mile Road tomorrow (Monday) from 11AM to 1PM local time.

WWE posted a new photo gallery, looking at their top 25 Instagram photos of the week. You can view a few of the photos below:

Backstage at WWE events turn into cool special moments with superstars sharing very kind/inspiring words about how my career has inspired theirs. Grateful for their words. Great to meet (finally) The Champ herself, @itsmebayley. WWE life is a HARD life, and for the women superstars, it can be even harder. Mad respect and luv I have for them in this male dominated world. You’re doing great Bayley! No substitute for hard work, so keep working hard and above all else have fun. And by fun, I mean when it’s time to “do the honors” and drop the title, do like I did and look at Triple H, laugh and say “F*ck that noise, I ain’t doing that bullshit tonight” and then walk away. Then come back with a big smile, give him a hug and say “Cool what’s the finish?” #HaveFun

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During the most recent edition of his “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed WWE 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Rick Rude’s WCW run. Bischoff said,

“That was a tough time. Rick had been involved in a Lloyd’s of London policy. He had gotten hurt. He had gotten a pretty big payday out of Lloyd’s of London but one of the conditions I believe, I don’t recall the details of that settlement with Lloyd’s of London, was that he was never going to wrestle again. In order for Rick to get in the ring and put the boots on he would have had to payoff the Lloyd’s of London policy that paid him out. So he was restricted by virtue of the settlement that he had with Lloyd’s of London from ever wrestling in the ring again. Now, he could be a manager. Which is how I brought him back. As a manager. Rick wasn’t happy with that. It was very stressful for Rick and as a result… me. Rick really, really, really wanted to get back in the ring.”

You can listen to the complete podcast below:

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