Carlito Comments On Lack Of Communication With WWE & More


Former WWE Superstar Carlito was interviewed by Kurt Angle on the Angle Podcast. Carlito spoke about the lack of communication with the WWE in regards to him returning back to the company, among other topics of discussion:

On his return at the Royal Rumble: “It was just the Rumble. I think the day before the Rumble they asked if I can do RAW too and I said ‘yea sure, whatever you guys need.’ That’s all we talked about. It was RAW and the Rumble. I’ve had no communication since the RAW appearance.”

On if he’s open to working with other companies: “Yea I’m open, you know, I’m open to whatever. Whoever wants to use me I’m willing to listen. But like I said I’ve been doing my own thing for all of these years and if it stays that way I’m fine with that too. No, no talks with AEW either. It is what it is man. I don’t know.”

On his WWE run ending on bad terms: “I don’t think I even got a ‘wished well on my future endeavors.’ But I had my reasons and I have no complaints about that. Society has changed. Back then, what you see now, there’s a lot of stuff going on, that times change. It’s the way things were and the way things are now. I think the backstage in WWE, after that things get better. It was a wakeup call and hopefully things get better for all companies in wrestling.”

On whether he’d be interested in working behind the scenes: “Yea, a producer role or a trainer role. All of that kind of sounds intriguing. I’m willing to listen to whatever at this point, but I think those would be interesting helping out the younger guys and help them develop, which would be something new for me. I think I’d find it fun to do.”

On Bad Bunny’s WrestleMania match: “That was great to see, you know. My fellow islanders (are) doing something on RAW every week and being showcased on WrestleMania. And hearing the great reviews they gave Bad Bunny on his performance. I was very happy for those two.”

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