Carlito Is Open To Ideas From WWE & AEW, Says He’s On His Own Now


During a recent interview with Joe Lowry for Whatta Day!, Carlito commented on his WWE return, being on his own now, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On why this year was the year he returned at the Rumble: “It was about you know. After about 10+ years, it was about time for me to show up in one. Here I am for so many years, I said, ‘You know, let’s go ahead and do this.’ But yeah, it was like, they invited me. This was the first time I got invited back.”

On asking for his release in his previous run: “I needed to get away. I needed a break. There was a bunch of things going on in my personal life. And my plan always was to take a break and come back. But yeah, that’s the main reason. I just needed to get away from everything.”

On what’s next for him: “Man, who knows? As of now, I’m open to whatever kind of idea is out there. Yeah, right now, I’m on my own. If a great opportunity comes to go back to WWE … [feed has technical issues] I’m to whatever comes my way.”

On if he has any interest if AEW calls him: “Like I said, I’m open to whatever man. Whatever great idea is out there, I’m willing to listen and see if I fit in there somehow.”

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