Carmella Comments on Her Split With R-Truth, and More


During a recent interview with BT Sport, Carmella commented on her and R-Truth being split up in last year’s WWE Draft. She noted that she misses teaming with him as they had become really good friends. She said,

“Augh, I miss him! And you know, I’ve been asked a lot today about, you know, ‘Are you upset that you’re not with him anymore?’ I’m like, ‘Of course, I’m so sad.’ I felt like we had so much more that we could have done. It wasn’t — to me — getting old. I felt like, man, we could have taken this and run with it for a long time. However, I just feel like, now I’m excited for when my opportunity comes again. Like, obviously right now it’s Lacey and Bayley, and Mandy and Sonya are finally getting an opportunity, and I think that’s great. But when it’s my time again, like, cool. I’ve done the comedy thing but I’m ready to get back in there and prove what I can do.

But without Truth — man, this last year would have been so boring. We were kind of just thrown together and it wasn’t a thing that was supposed to ever be anything. And we just had instant chemistry and just connected. And he became one of my closest friends and he’s such an amazing entertainer.”

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