Carmella on if Corey Graves is a Heel in Real Life


WWE Superstar Carmella was recently interviewed by Canada Talks on Sirius XM.

During the interview, the discussion moved to Carmella’s real-life boyfriend, WWE Commentator, Corey Graves.

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When asked if Graves was as much of a pessimist as he plays on TV, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion said this:

It’s so funny, because I feel so lucky. Obviously I know him in such a different way. So what you see on TV is so not the person that I know, but he’s a very he’s a private person. He’s a, you know, pretty quiet person. But I will say he’s the biggest sweetheart. And he’s actually such a romantic. And he’s a little softy.

If you use this quote please credit Canada Talks and give a h/t to Robert DeFelice of eWrestlingNews for the transcription.

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