Carmella Speaks On Being With Big Cass And Enzo In NXT, Says The Women Are Taking Over The Industry & More


The first-ever Ms. Money In The Bank, Carmella, was recently interviewed by The Whig ahead of the SummerSlam Heat Wave live event on August 7th. During the conversation, Carmella spoke on her time with Enzo and Big Cass in NXT, how she had to move on once they were called up to the main roster & much more.

Here are the highlights: (if you are going to use any of the quotes below, please give credit to The Whig, with an H/T to eWrestlingNews for the transcriptions)

Carmella On Who She Loved In WWE Growing Up:

“I was obsessed with Miss Elizabeth, I thought she was so fabulous and I just loved watching her every week with Macho Man. My dad used to carry me around on his shoulder like Macho Man would do with (Miss Elizabeth). I would wear my own little dance costume.”

How She Got Into The WWE:

“I found out (WWE was) looking for new female talent, I didn’t want to quit the Lakers because that’s why I had originally moved out there. When the agent brought up this opportunity, I thought, ‘This is perfect’, my dad was in this business and now I get to bring my background with dance and it just all kind of tied together.”

Working With Enzo And Big Cass & What Was Next For Her After They Were Called Up:

“Working with them was so much fun. When I first got to NXT, they were the first two people who I made friends with. We all hung out all the time and what you saw on screen was kind of what it was like in real life, we were just three friends who hung out and of course, being able to manage them, they were such a popular tag team. I had so much fun with them, it was really such a blast and it’s really cool to see where they are now and how far they’ve come from their NXT days.”

“Being a part of NXT when it just blew up and being able to be a part of the trio of me, Cass and Enzo, that was just so fun. We got to travel all over the world together and tour with this NXT brand and just kind of saw it grow. When they got pulled up, I just thought, ‘OK, well I’ve got to do whatever it takes so I can get up there too.’ Three months later, I got drafted to Smackdown Live.”

The Women’s Revolution:

“It’s just been so much fun, it’s been really cool to be able to prove what I can do on my own; that I’m more than just a manager, more than just a little cheerleader for Cass and Enzo. The last year has been so crazy and such a whirlwind, but it has been so exciting. Women right now are taking over this industry and I feel like the sky is the limit. We’re having Hell in a Cell matches, main eventing pay-per-views, we’ve main evented SmackDown, we had the first ever Money In the Bank ladder match for women. It’s been really cool.”

“We’re very lucky with Stephanie McMahon, she’s such a voice when it comes to female empowerment and this whole women’s revolution to begin with. It’s super inspiring to be here and just to be a part of everything and see it grow. I think everyone was just ready, ready for the women to take over and that’s the kind of condition we’re in right now in the world in general. Women are just taking over and I’m OK with that.”



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