Carmelo Hayes Feels Disrespected By Not Wrestling At Worlds Collide


WWE NXT 2.0 North American Champion Carmelo Hayes posted a video on Twitter regarding not being booked for this weekend’s Worlds Collide event.

Hayes expressed his displeasure for not having a match already booked for the show and mentioned he feels disrespected. He said,


“Hey, this is the last time I’m going to talk about this on the timeline, but this Worlds Collide thing and me not being involved in it, it’s really starting to irritate me. The fact that I’ve been reaching out to NXT multiple times, and they’ve been ignoring me, it just feels really disrespectful at this point. And it’s not like me at all to come here and complain like this. I don’t do that, but what I will do is I’ll pop up tomorrow on NXT and I’ll say what I need to say. And they may not like it, and they may not hear me, but they’re gonna feel me.” 

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