Cary Silkin Claims He Received Offers From CM Punk & Jerry Jarrett To Purchase ROH


Former ROH executive and owner Cary Silkin says that he once received an offer from CM Punk and another from Jerry Jarrett to purchase Ring of Honor wrestling. These offers came in 2007 (from Jarrett) and 2010 (from Punk), respectively. Here is what Silkin said during the ROH Strong Podcast.

Silkin on Jerry Jarrett’s offer: “I did not speak to him personally. Jerry Jarrett was interested. This was like 2007. It was just a sniff.”

Silkin on CM Punk’s offer: “I get a text message in like 2010. CM Punk texts me out of nowhere and is like, ‘What would you want to sell Ring of Honor?’ I’ve hustled tickets on the street and have had a somewhat successful business. I don’t think text messaging is the way to approach sales of companies. That first text message might be, ‘I’d like to talk to you about something.’ Those were my only two real offers…they weren’t real. Those were the only two rinky-dink offers I’ve ever had.”

Silkin went on to say the following about Punk’s business approach, “In 2010, his business tactics weren’t the best or else it was a fleeting thought by a friend of his.”

Cary Silkin owned Ring of Honor until the company was bought out by Sinclair Broadcasting in 2011.

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