Cathy Kelley on Fighting to Rejoin NXT


In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, WWE backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley opens up about why she fought so hard to go back to NXT when NXT moved over to the USA Network:

“My goal is to deliver interviews in as realistic a way as possible. I started with NXT, then became the first host of WWE Digital. We were figuring out what worked on the fly, and I pushed to do more long-form interviews with the talent. But I really missed doing backstage interviews, so I really pushed to go back. I spoke about it with Joe Belcastro, who is the head writer for NXT, and he shot it up to Triple H.
“Look at the work of Tommaso Ciampa or Shayna Baszler. There is something magical about this roster. People were so excited to learn that we’d have a weekly [live] show. There is a different feel and a different pressure, but it’s a testament to all the work that has gone into NXT.”

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