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CazXL Reveals Why He Was Released from WWE, Talks Going off Script & Vince McMahon Being Furious


CazXL (also known as Big Cass) was recently interviewed on “Talk Is Jericho” to discuss several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Why he was released from WWE:

I kind of just lost my mind towards the end. I was battling with some things, with some mental health issues that I didn’t speak up about, or I didn’t tell anybody, there were like two people. I was just out of control, drinking a lot, making very, very bad decisions, going off script on live television, which was a very, very big mistake.

Going off-script during a segment:

I went out there in Montreal, very smart mark crowd, and when I gave the little person the boot, I looked out in the crowd and, this segment was designed to get me mega heat, like mega fucking heat, and after I did that, I looked out in the crowd and to be honest with you, I’d say half the people were laughing, I guess they thought it was funny.

And in my mind, I was thinking, this is not what they want behind the curtain. This was specifically designed to get me like, uber, uber heat. So then I was panicking because I was like, this is not the reaction they want, so then I did what I thought was right [continued to beat up the little person]. And when I got back through the curtain, it was very, very bad. It was a bad night for me.

Vince McMahon not being happy about it:

That is the understatement of the century. Furious. He was furious.

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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