Cease And Desist Letters Issued To People Trying To Sell Ultimate Warrior Merchandise


Source: TMZ

TMZ is reporting that only after one week since the Ultimate Warrior died that some people made T-shirts with his name and logo without the permission from Ultimate Creations which is Warriors marketing company. Here is their article:

Feel the power of the Ultimate
Warrior’s trademark rights … from BEYOND THE GRAVE — the late wrestler is
trying to crush all attempts to make a quick buck off his death.

T-shirts donning Warrior’s name and
logo popped up all over the Internet last week after he passed … and now
attorneys for Ultimate Creations (Warrior’s marketing company) want the
imitations scrapped from the net — citing the wrestler’s trademark.

We’re told the cease and desist
letter — obtained by TMZ — has been fired off to more than 100 merchandisers
already … threatening legal action if they don’t shut down all sales

Warrior will also gorilla press slam
dead relatives of any knockoff salesmen … in Heaven.

That’s what we imagine, anyway.

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