Cedric Alexander on King of the Ring & Paul Heyman


In an effort to hype the upcoming King of the Ring tournament, Cedric Alexander spoke to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

In the interview, Cedric Alexander talks about Paul Heyman, why he wants to win the King of the Ring, and much more. Below are some highlights.

Cedrick talks King of the Ring:

“I’m super excited to be a part of King of the Ring. The fact that countless legends have been made out of that tournament — ‘Stone Cold’ to be one of them, Triple H — they’ve all gone on to be icons within the business. So, of course, winning King of the Ring is one step further to being that icon and, for me, cementing that legacy. That’s what the ‘Age of Alexander’ has always been about! Me collecting those accolades and building that legacy. King of the Ring is a perfect way to catapult me all the way to the top.”

Cedric Alexander on Paul Heyman’s help:

“It’s been great working with Paul. He’s really helped me feel more comfortable. He saw a match I had with Bobby Roode months ago on an episode of Main Event and he was a very big fan of it. He’s given me pointers on how to project myself better to fans and small little show business quirks. Because that’s one of the things I’m not 100% comfortable on sometimes, so talking in front of a camera is something that Paul has definitely helped me get more in tune with.”

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Cedric on the closeness of the Cruiserweights in WWE:

“All the guys in the cruiserweight division have always been super duper tight. Me, Buddy and Ali have always been super cool with each other. So when you see one of your friends, colleagues, competitors in the ring with Roman Reigns, a guy who we didn’t think we would actually have the opportunity to be in the ring with, much less having what was considered one of the best matches of the entire year, it’s crazy! It’s crazy to think that. I’m super happy for Buddy and I can’t wait to see him in the tournament hopefully.”

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