Cena ‘Never’ Embracing Hate, Foley vs. Taker?


Following Raw, John Cena has taken to Twitter with a message for Kane. Cena tweeted: “Embrace? Never. Rise above. Kane is about to get a lesson in respect… Lots of folks asking about @ZackRyder he is banged up but ok. Give him a shout of wellwishes please.”

Jim Ross tweeted his thoughts on the ending of Raw: “Awesome end to Raw. The shocking return of the Undertaker! Business just picked up for WM28…..seemingly….THE STREAK LIVES!!”

Mick Foley has shot down rumors of him facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania at some point in the future. Foley tweeted: “My lack of conditioning and intensity would never allow a match with me and Undertaker to live up to WM standards.”

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