Cesaro On Becoming A WWE Main Eventer, Workout, More


The Green Bay Press Gazette recently interviewed WWE Superstar Cesaro. Below are some highlights.

Cesaro on how he got into wrestling: “The first time I saw WWE was in the mid ’90s and I was immediately fascinated by the mix of entertainment and sports. I was always a very athletic child and when I finally had the chance to try (sports entertainment), I was hooked. I just fell in love and I’ve been doing it ever since. … It wasn’t very big in Switzerland, but I started training there on blue mats like the ones we have on the outside of the ring. That’s where I learned moves and how to fall and stuff like that. Then I had to move out of the country to train in an actual ring and that happened in Germany and Austria and Italy and so on. I moved to the U.S. in 2004 and started my road to WWE, so to speak.”

Cesaro on becoming a top guy in the WWE: “Oh, I would never want to be a prime time player (laughs). I take this very seriously because it’s given me a lot of opportunities and I’ve realized all my dreams, so I think when you see me, you see that I’m having fun and you see that I’m doing this very well and that I’m very skilled at it. Because of that, I would like to think that the fans saw pretty quickly that I’m not somebody to be taken lightly. And I know all my opponents that I’ve been in the ring with immediately realized that as well. I think that’s the passion I have for this.”

Cesaro on his workout routine: “I would like to think I’m naturally strong but there’s a lot of work that goes into it. I’ve been working out for quite a while now and I work out religiously. I’m very serious about my workouts. I don’t really skip workouts ever and there’s always a stronger kid somewhere. You just have to find a way to use your strength and your strong points and I think that’s what I’m doing very well. On top of that, there may be somebody that squats more or bench presses more than me, and I’m completely aware of that, but I think I’m very talented and innovative at manipulating bodyweight. That’s my strength.”

Speaking of Cesaro, he is featured on this week’s “WWE Top 10.” They highlight his European Uppercuts:

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