Cesaro Reacts to The Bar’s Split, King of the Ring, and More


In an effort to hype the 2019 King of the Ring tournament, Cesaro spoke to Sports Illustrated about why he feels he is going to be the winner and a future World Champion. Below are some highlights.

Cesaro on splitting from Sheamus:

“The split from Sheamus left me in an empty void. Becoming King of the Ring will help me keep climbing, and that’s what I want to do.”

Cesaro on wanting to be World Champion:

“I plan on having a crowning ceremony with a crown, robe, and a scepter. That’s my next step to the world championship. Becoming a world champion, that’s my goal every single day. That’s what I’m working toward. I’m working so hard and I don’t want to let anyone down.”

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Cesaro on doing The Sharpshooter:

I agree that I’m more like Owen Hart, but I work real hard to have a serious in-ring style like Bret, though Owen was also serious in the ring. My sharpshooter is a tribute to my former tag-team partner Tyson Kidd [who is married to Natalya Neidhart, a niece of Owen and Bret], and I do the sharpshooter like Owen Hart did.
“Bret Hart did it with his left leg, and that’s the way Natalya does it, but I do it with my right leg, like Owen Hart. It’s a little fun insider thing from my super-nerd perspective, and that’s why I like to think I am more like Owen Hart.”

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