Chad Gable On Being Drafted To SmackDown Live And The Revival


Chad Gable recently spoke with to promote the upcoming WWE UK tour. Here are the highlights:

On being drafted: “We’re so excited. Me and Jason were so happy going into it [the WWE draft] and really confident that we would be drafted but still nervous at the same time. Once we saw our names we were so happy and ready to just hit the ground running and I think we did that; we made an impact right away. But we’ve not even scratched the surface, we’ve got a lot to do and we’re more than happy to start from the bottom and make our way up. I think that’s what Jason and I are best at, is slowly chipping away and setting goals until we make it to the top.”

On The Revival: “I think we have a bit of unfinished business with them [The Revival] so I think I’d look forward to more matches with them. We had great chemistry with them from the beginning and for whatever reason you always seem to find, and this happens in amateur wrestling and it’s true in any other sport where you kind of find this opponent, like an arch-nemesis, that you just click well with, that you can go back and work with a million times and split the matches right down the middle. The Revival are that kind of opponent for us. I’d be glad to continue to throw it down with them, I’d just hope for the results to sway our way in the future.”

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