Chad Gable Shares His Thoughts On Triple H Taking Over WWE Creative


Chad Gable was recently interviewed by Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture, and the WWE Superstar discussed Triple H taking over the creative side of WWE, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


Chad Gable on how he’s felt since Triple H took over creative in WWE: “I think we’ve seen since Hunter took over, and thankfully, for my sake, he does really appreciate the wrestling side of what we do. I think he sees that in me. I think he sees me as a valuable go-to guy that he can depend on when he needs a quality match out of whoever. Which, to me is really gratifying to know that I can be looked upon like that from somebody, not only just fans, but someone like Hunter, who is in the position he is. So it’s been rewarding. It’s been nice to be very busy and kind of feel very useful over the past six months because a lot of times in the past, it hasn’t been that way. So yeah, it’s been a good period.”

On his recent matches: “Fortunately, like I said, over the past six months, I’ve had the chance to mix it up with a lot of great guys in singles matches, too. So, I do want to take advantage of this opportunity as a singles guy to wrestle. I haven’t gotten up against guys like Seth and some of our upper-echelon guys. A lot of people would be intimidated by Brock. I think I could bring something special to a match [with] Brock. You used to see a guy like Daniel Bryan bring special nuances to matches with certain opponents very specific to them. I think I carry that same quality or have the ability to. So, a guy like Brock and a guy like Bobby Lashley, who I’ve had short matches with, but I feel like I could really get a lot out of all these guys in lengthy programs. So yeah, there’s a lot.”

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