Charlie Haas Comments On Traveling With Brock Lesnar & More


Former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc as he spoke about traveling with Brock Lesnar years ago, among other topics that were also discussed below:

On traveling on the road with Brock Lesnar: “If you love country music, then you’re going to get along great, and I grew up in Oklahoma, I am a country music man. I was an 80s hair band guy, and I didn’t get into grunge that much, although I do like Pearl Jam. But that’s when Garth Brooks took off, so I became a country fan after that. So Brock and I got along great, man. Even when we were overseas, we would find the country bar and we’d be listening to country music, drinking beer, and that was it, man. We both like to fish, Brock’s a great guy, he’s a hell of a guy. As long as you like country music, you’re good to go.”

On how Brock’s current character is closer to his real-life self: “Yeah, I mean you’ve got to think he grew up in South Dakota on a dairy farm. That’s not much different from what you’re wearing out there, the jeans, the cutoffs, the flannels. I think he is showcasing that, he’s proud of his heritage and he grew up on a dairy farm, that’s what he did his whole life. So I think he’s really riding it home. That’s basically, what he wears probably when he’s at home.”

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