Charlie Haas – “I Would’ve Been A UFC Pioneer”


During a recent interview with It’s My Wrestling Podcast, former WWE Superstar and amateur college wrestler Charlie Haas was asked if he ever had any desires to move into the world of UFC & MMA.

Plenty of WWE Superstars over the years have competed in UFC, including Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. Haas’ mentor Kurt Angle has also expressed how he wished UFC was bigger during his prime as he would have loved to try it.

Here is what Charlie Haas had to say on the matter:

Would I have tried it? Probably yes, because I love that kind of sport. And with amateur wrestling there’s only you on the mat. That’s why I got into amateur wrestling. So I would have probably tried both and stuck with whatever I was better at. But at the time, like you said UFC wasn’t big yet, Pride was just ending and the Monday Night War was the hottest thing. So wrestling is where you wanted to be, it was the coolest thing at the time. I always wanted to be in it. SO at the time ECW was hot, WCW and WWE were huge at the time and I was on the East Coast. Wrestling and the independents were smoking out there. We came at the right time for pro wrestling. If I wanted to be a UFC fighter I would have been a pioneer like Randy Couture, those people that really paved the way for UFC.

The full interview can be found here.

How do you think Charlie Haas would have fared in the world of UFC? Would he have had a successful career like Brock Lesnar did, or would he have been a disappointment like CM Punk? Let us know in the comments!

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