Charlie Haas Retires – Reportedly Cries & Shakes Backstage


Charlie Haas announced that he was retiring during Ring of Honor’s house show before his match with Jeff Louis Neal. Haas came out to the ring and cut a long promo about his time in wrestling, saying that he had done enough in the industry. Haas worked the match and then after it was done he cut another promo without a microphone, yelling it to the crowd while someone from the ROH staff tried to get him to come to the back and got flipped off for their efforts.

Haas took shots at Delirious and Kevin Kelly during the promos “for all the things they say” about him and called Kelly a “fat piece of shit.” He was reportedly shaking and cried during the match as well as later in the locker room; he changed and left quickly after he was done. There were people legitimately concerned about his well being.

Haas later tweeted:

Officially retired. No match against [Shelton Benjamin] next week NYC. Time to be a full time dad and husband. I’ve turned my spandex in for scrubs. Thanks to all the fans throughout the years. I love you all. Stay safe and God bless. WGTT will always be a top Tag Team, forever.

All signs point to this being legitimate and not part of an angle.

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