Charlie Sheen At SummerSlam?, + HBK’s In-Ring Return?, A.W.


Source: The Wrestling Observer


— Despite his involvement in the feud between Brock Lesnar and Triple H leading into SummerSlam this Sunday night, Shawn Michaels still has no plans of returning to the ring.

— Abraham Washington has lost a lot of the initial sympathy he had in the WWE locker room upon his firing thanks to his Twitter rants and media interviews that he has done since. Some mid-card talents still feel he’s saying some of the right things but also feel he has taken it a little too far.

— Charlie Sheen is still rumored to have a role of some kind at SummerSlam. It is unclear why WWE has not advertised him in advance as it would have likely created some extra buzz for the show. It’s possible they’re worried about him backing out at the last minute as he’s been known for his erratic behavior as many of you are well aware.

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