Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair Doesn’t Want to Be Remembered for Her Number of Title Reigns


Charlotte Flair recently spoke to Times Now in India and admitted that she does not want to be remembered for how many times she held the Women’s Championship.

Charlotte is already up to ten title reigns but admits it’s not something she actively thinks about.

“Is it a cool statistic? 100% but it is not something I actively think about, It’s like, will I get there? If I set my mind…then I will get there but when its all said and done that’s not what I want people to remember me for.”

Charlotte’s dad, Ric Flair, infamously held the World Championship sixteen times, but Charlotte feels she’s far athletically superior to Ric.

“My dad is half the athlete I was! (Laughs), I’m gonna tell him I said that!”

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