Charlotte Flair Had To Edit WWE Dialogue After Babyface Return


WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair has spoken about how “everything” about her character has changed following her return to TV as a babyface.

Flair returned to WWE on the final SmackDown of 2022 and dethroned Ronda Rousey to become SmackDown Women’s Champion.


Prior to this match, Flair had been working as a heel and had lost the title to Rousey at WrestleMania: Backlash in May 2022.

Speaking to Ryan Satin of the Out of Character podcast, Flair was asked what’s changed for her after leaving as a heel and returning as a face. She said,

“Everything. Basically me. Take away my accolades? Take away everything? On ‘Raw XXX,’ originally I was gonna say, ‘And I beat Trish Stratus, Ronda Rousey, Nikki and Brie [Bella], Bayley, Becky [Lynch], name [all of the women I’ve beaten].’ How about I just say, ‘And I’ve had the opportunity to face …[those women].’ When it comes from me, I feel like I have to — there’s such a fine line [with] anything that I say.

“So it was just, ‘You know, I’ve had the opportunity to face all these people,’ and whether I’m a good guy or a bad guy, I would definitely say, ‘All of these women helped me get to where I am,’ but even just saying ‘beat’ versus ‘face’ them? Everything is so micromanaged. Like how many times can I say ’14-time [world champion]’ in a promo? Just once. Maybe just don’t say it at all!”

During this week’s episode of RAW, Rhea Ripley, the winner of the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match, selected Flair as her WrestleMania 39 opponent.

Ironically, Flair won the 2020 Women’s Rumble match and selected Ripley as her opponent, as the Australian was NXT Women’s Champion at the time.

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